Wendell Painting

Unlimited Paint offers the tops in house painting in Wendell NC.  From your home to your surrounding buildings, Unlimited Paint can handle your Wendell painting needs.  Our professional painting crews are available throughout the Triangle area, but we’re a local Wendell company – so that is where we’re most at home – helping our neighbors!

Painting Estimates – Always Free!

From helping you select the right colors and types of paints to house preparation and final painting of your Wendell home, Unlimited Paint is with you all the way.  We often will visit a home to provide a detailed estimate based on your specifications. We don’t do a per square foot charge.  Our estimates are always VERY competitive and we’re sure you’ll be pleased.  After a customer accepts our proposal and estimate, we come to the house again to note any particular areas that may need special attention while we’re painting your home.

Minor Issues – Rotted Wood and More

If we notice any potential problem areas, such as rotted wood, issues with some sidings or similar issues, we will come out ahead of time to get those problems tackled before we actually start painting.  We also offer masonry and brick repair while we’re working on your house.  While we don’t do major masonry or anything that extensive, we want the final finished product to be something that you’ll be proud of – so we go the extra mile to get those other little problems out of the way while we’re at it.

Interior House Painting in Wendell NC

We work closely with homeowners, particularly when it comes to interior painting. So often the colors of a homeowners furniture and accessories really demand a good solid match to your new paint color.  With our advanced paint matching service, we can take a sample of furnishings and create a solid color match to make sure there are no surprises later!

We are happy to help move interior furniture and items out of the way whenever we are doing interior house painting.  We can move items to a safe storage area in your house such as a garage or other protected area. When we are finished, we’re glad to move everything back.

Exterior House Painting in Wendell NC

We are happy to do any kind of exterior painting that you may have. From the average residential home to businesses and even storage buildings. We are the home town company that wants your business!  As above, we handle all needed repairs to the area that will be painted as part of the process.  Before painting, we always do a thorough cleaning on all work areas.  This ensures that there are no problems created by peeling paint or other problems that will really detract from your fresh painted house.  We take our work seriously and want to provide you with the absolute best finished product – day in and out.

We will then come to your house on the specified day and we will usually finish your house painting in one day.  There are exceptions, but for most residential homes, you can expect to leave your house in the morning and come back to a finished house that night.

We are local – and we want your business!

As a business that is ran out of Wendell we would love to paint your home. If you are looking for a house painter in the Wendell Area please keep us in mind. Unlimited Paint has been a home based business out of Wendell NC for 30+ years. Also remember that we do Commercial work. When someone you know that owns a business or your business is looking for a building facelift remember us for Wendell painting!!! Unlimited offers a referral program, refer your friends to us and receive a discount on your next job.