Healthcare Painting

Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper specializes in healthcare construction, with over 30 years experience. Commercial painting contractors find unique challenges in healthcare facilities that simply don’t exist in home painting or in painting a commercial storefront or factory.

Make sure you are hiring a healthcare professional commercial paint company. A healthcare painting project, for example, will require a great deal of strategic thinking when it comes to choosing paints and maintaining a sterile working environment. We take extreme caution to ensure a safe and clean working environment.

Due to ongoing construction, renovations and repairs in healthcare facilities, it is important to hire a responsible, clean and efficient contractor. With many patients in the
hospital having compromised immune systems, the dust construction stirs up can cause serious medical issue. Unlimited Paint and Wallpaper uses great precaution to maintain a healthy medical facility. The use of HEPA filters, dust barriers and HVAC blocking techniques helps us do our job.

Make construction easy and call Unlimited Paint and Wallpaper for all your needs.

Negative Air Pressure

This is an isolation technique used by Unlimited Paint to prevent cross-contamination. We use ventilation systems to generate negative pressure allowing air to flow from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure, thereby preventing contaminated air from escaping the work area. This technique is used to isolate airborne containments within the work area.

Hepa Filters

These are used to target much smaller pollutants and particles from getting back into the air. Hepa filters are required for mold abatement, disaster restoration and renovations. Unlimited Paint uses equipment with Hepa Air Filtration Systems.

Dust Barriers

We use dust barriers during renovations. Within our dust barriers, HEPA air filtration systems & other isolation techniques are used to ensure the protection of hospital workers and patients. Ours barriers leave adequate space so no corridor is closed, due to the improvements. Measures implemented with our dust barriers are; air tight sheeting, sticky mats at entrances of barriers and zippers, work areas are kept clean with daily damp mopping and proper signage is in place.

Wall Protection Systems

These are highly recommended for high traffic areas. The use of wall-protection, corner guard, crashrail and handrail are used throughout the medical field for superior wall protection and durability, while saving you money on maintenance.

Complete Sealed Environment

• Cover up diffusers, filter return
• Use fire rated plastic

Construction, Renovations & Repair

• Sheet rock removal, water damage, mold & mildew behind wall covering, flood damage & skim coat walls.

We Work Around Patient Care