Selecting Paint Colors

Trying to select the best color for your house, room, porch or entry way can be a hard decision. You may want to look at what the color gives off. Have you ever noticed how restaurants are painted red, baby’s rooms are painted in light pastels, or how some living rooms are buttery yellow? Painting is most often the easiest and cheapest way to give an area a face lift without having to break the bank. The color in a room can do a lot it can set the mood, make you hungry, or calm. Here are somethings you may want to consider when selecting your paint color.

Yellow Paint

Seen as a great color of kitchen because it gives off a happy vibe. While yellow can be over powering if used in a small space or in a too bright of tone, is it still a great color to use for a happy mood and has lots of color variations. Golden tones are great for creating a warm enviroment. Yellow and yellow undertones give off a sence of sunshine, happiness and warmth.

Red Paints

For years now the resturant business has used the color tactic to increase your appetite.Have you noticed that most restaurants are painted a red color? Red is a color that is seen as an appetite enhancer. On the other side, red is warm and inviting and is great in the living room. This color offers a wide selection. For a warm and inviting space, you may want to choose a darker shade.

Brown Hues

Dark, heavy browns are calming, but can bring the walls inward in a small space. However, soft to mid-tone browns create richness, warmth and calmness, while pushing the walls back. Red-browns in particular are calming, invoking thoughts of autumn and harvest, but keep the trim and ceiling a light, bright color to avoid making the room feel small. Soft browns also provide a neutral backdrop, which leaves you more options for furnishings.

Green for relaxation

Greens are ideal for rooms where you want to focus or relax. Because it is the color of nature, green makes you think of growth, freshness and harmony. Green is a restful color and invokes feelings of safety and security. Yellow-based shades such as olive create warmth, while blue-based greens like aqua invoke relaxation and calm. Both can make a room feel bigger as long as they are light to medium shades. Pair green walls with lighter ceilings and lots of light to visually push the walls back and create the feeling of airiness.

Blues – Peaceful

Blues remind us of the sky and the sea, making them calming, tranquil and serene. Pale blues also give a room a feeling of spaciousness. Pale to mid-tones are ideal for creating a soothing environment because they invoke feelings of tranquility. Darker hues tend to be dramatic and energizing. When choosing a blue for your room, keep in mind that some shades can feel cold or bleak, so accessorize with warm colors such as yellow or red, and provide lots of light to overcome this problem.


Pale shades of purple, such as lavender, not only open up a small space, but they can make your room feel soft and relaxing. Purples blend the stability of blue with the energy of red, but too much saturation can feel gloomy and sad. When painting your room purple, keep to the lighter end of the spectrum, and accessorize with whites and blues to ensure a calm, serene feel to the space.

Whites and Neutral Paint Colors

Whites and neutrals such as gray, beige, tan or cream, create a clean, airy backdrop for any design or color scheme. White is often associated with cleanliness, innocence and goodness. Because they are neutral, these colors can be calming, and they make a room feel larger and more airy. To add drama, while keeping things calm and spacious, add pops of color with furnishings and fabrics.

Let your paint colors reflect you!

Paint is often a refection on your personality or what type of vibe you want a room to give off.  While neutrals are used most in homes don’t be afraid to step out of the box and look for color choices in your couch pillows, dinner plates or your toddler’s toy. Colors can be matched to the smallest sample or color inspiration. Technology has improved greatly and we can match the color on your pillow or drapes exactly. Ask us about our paint color matching process.