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Bunn NC Painting Services

Unlimited Paint is your “go to” painting company for home painting in Bunn. From your house to surrounding property like a garage or barn, Unlimited Paint can easily manage your Bunn NC painting needs. Our professional painting teams are accessible throughout the Raleigh Triangle area, and we are a local company – so that’s where we are most at home – supporting our neighbors!

Painting Services – Bunn NC Painters

  • Home Painting
  • Inside Painting
  • Painting Prep

Guiding you through the Painting Process

From helping you pick the proper color and types of paints to house preparation and last painting of your Bunn residence, Unlimited Paint is with you all the way. We often will see a dwelling to provide a thorough estimate according to your specifications. We do not do a per square-foot cost. Our estimates are usually Extremely competitive and we are certain you’ll be happy. We reach the house again to notice any specific areas that will need special consideration while we are painting your home, after a customer accepts our suggestion and estimate.

Fix Minor Problems – Bad Surfaces and Rotted Wood

If we find any possible trouble spots, for example rotted wood, troubles with some siding areas or similar issues, we will come out beforehand to get those problems knocked out before we really start painting. While we’re working in your house we also offer brick and masonry repair. While we do-not do leading masonry or anything that extensive, we need the ultimate completed product to be something which you’re going to be proud of – so we will go the one step further to get all those other little problems knocked out while we’re at it.

Inside Painting Services in Bunn

We work very closely with customers, particularly when it comes to interior painting. So often the colours of the homeowners furniture and accessories really need a good solid match to your new paint color. With our complex paint matching service, we can take an example of thedecor and produce a great colour match to make sure there are no shocks later!

We’re thrilled to help move things and interior furniture out of-the way if we’re doing interior house painting. Items can be moved by us to a secure storage area in your house such as a garage or other protected area. When we’re finished, we’re glad to move everything back.

Exterior House Painting in Bunn

We’re pleased to handle any type of outdoor painting that you might have. In the typical residential dwelling to businesses and even storage buildings. We’re your company on the spot for any type of exterior painting! As above, we handle all required repairs to the place that will be painted as part of the process. Before painting, we always do a complete cleaning on all work areas. This ensures that there are not any problems created by peeling paint or other problems that will really detract from your fresh painted house. We consider our work seriously and need to supply you with the absolute finest finished product — day-in and outside.

We will schedule a day that works for your schedule and ours.  We will usually complete a house painting job in one day. There are exceptions, but for most residences, you can expect to leave your house each morning and come back to a finished home that same night.

We Are a Locally-Owned and Operated Company and We Appreciate Your Business!

If you are looking for a house painter within the Bunn Region please keep us in mind. Unlimited Paint really has been a home-based business working throughout the Triangle and  Bunn NC for 30 years. Also, keep in mind that we do Commercial painting work. If you or someone you know is interested in a building facelift, remember Unlimited Paint for Bunn painting.