5 Ways to Make an Exciting Statement When Painting the Ceilings in Your Raleigh Business

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Making a great impression on visitors is important no matter your line of business. You’ve probably chosen paint, flooring, furniture and decor that helps communicate a professional, on-brand image in your Raleigh NC business. It’s less likely that you’ve thought about what you could do with your ceilings. With a little creativity, though, your business’s ceiling space could become one of its most alluring features.

After all, your ceilings cover just as much square footage as your flooring. Making a big statement with ceilings will attract customer attention without taking away any floor space. Hiring a commercial interior painting contractor to paint ceilings is also a great way to refresh your whole building at a reasonable cost. Check out these five exciting ways to make a statement on the ceilings of your Raleigh business.

Go Dark & Bold

Painting your ceiling a rich, dark color is a great way to add contrast to your space. Dark ceilings work especially well in spaces with light walls and floors. You can use furnishings, decorative accents and draperies in the same color to tie the space together. This high-contrast look is a great way to make a dated space look more modern.

Bright, jewel-tone colors like citrine, emerald and ruby can also take your office’s look to the next level. Bright ceilings are a great choice if you want your clients to feel awakened and refreshed. When combined with light walls and floors, they create an eye-catching look that’s both modern and fun.

Play Up Contrast with Accents

Decorative and finishing accents offer another great way to play with contrast in your business space. Finishing your ceiling with a decorative molding in white or another light color will make a dark or jewel-tone ceiling stand out. A commercial interior painting pro can show you dozens of options for trimming your ceilings.

Your light fixtures can also be updated with decorative plates that stand out from the ceiling. Consider replacing metallic light fixtures with fixtures painted to match your ceiling trim. Of course, playing up contrast with decorative and accent features is a great way to show off the design aesthetic of your business.

Find the Right Texture & Finish

The finish texture that you choose for your business ceilings also has an impact on how the space looks. If your building is older or your ceiling has blemishes, the right finish texture can hide them. Flat and matte paints are particularly effective at hiding small blemishes such as cracks across the ceiling. Proper application by a commercial painting contractor is a must if your goal is to cover blemishes.

If your ceiling has more blemishes than paint can conceal, you can consider other options such as stucco and textured finishes. These specially applied finish materials make ceilings look textured and can hide significant flaws. You can even incorporate glitter or a colored tint of your choice with these types of finishes.

Impress with Metal Tile

Decorative metal ceiling tiles first became popular in the 1870s and were widely used in storefronts. Today, these tiles are making a big comeback in both residential and commercial spaces. These tiles can be left bare to create a stunning, metallic look or can be painted to match the rest of your decor scheme.

Metal ceiling tiles are a great choice if you want to create a unique space that will set your business apart from your competitors. Metal tiles are also incredibly durable. That makes them a smart choice if you’re not sure when you’ll have the time or budget to hire a commercial interior painting contractor again.

Go Classic with Beadboard or Siding

You might think of beadboard or siding as materials that are used to finish walls, but they can also be used to create stunning ceilings. Adding these materials to your ceiling is a smart option if you don’t want a flat finish. Siding can be stained to your preferences, which means it also works well if you want to create a rustic or antique look.

Both beadboard and siding can also be painted. These products work well when you want to add both color and texture. Paneled looks in particular are reminiscent of the trusted businesses of yesteryear. Of course, because beadboard and siding are affixed to the ceiling, they can also hide significant blemishes.

Are you ready to make a statement on your business ceilings? Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper is proud to serve as the commercial interior painting contractor of choice for businesses throughout the Raleigh NC area. Call or email us today to talk about how we can help you make a strong impression through your business ceilings.

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