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School and College Painting

From improving your property’s condition to fostering a superior educational environment and creating a safe space for students and staff members, school and college painting services can yield tremendous and essential benefits. Whether you are responsible for maintaining an elementary school, a university or another educational institution, our commercial painting contractors in Raleigh Durham NC can tackle larger and smaller projects while delivering stunning results. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we have served the community’s needs for commercial painting services for the last four decades, and our school painters are ready to show you what we can do in your space.


Why Choose Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper

Whether you need our school painters to restripe the parking lot, to paint a flagpole or to cover expansive areas throughout the interior and exterior across the facility, our school painters are up to the challenge. As beneficial as a paint job at an educational institution can be, the skills, safety record and overall workmanship vary among the many commercial painters in Raleigh Durham NC and the Triangle area. Our extensive track record of producing gorgeous results while also maintaining efficiency can give you the confidence to hire our university painters for your upcoming needs. What can you expect from our team of qualified painters?

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Interior and Exterior School and College Painting Services

Exterior School and College Painting Services

From dorm rooms and classrooms to gymnasiums, auditoriums and more, our painters make it easy to improve your school’s environment and overall condition with minor or major projects. Our licensed commercial painters have experience working in challenging environments while using the latest equipment and techniques. While we focus on maintaining a safe environment while our crew is onsite, we never lose sight of the importance of efficiency and quality. Because we specialize in both interior and exterior projects, we are the only school and university painters that you need to reach out to for all of your institution's needs today and down the road.

The Experience and Results You Expect

When you hire a team of commercial painters in Raleigh Durham NC (or the Triangle area), you expect the crew to be experienced and conscientious. More than that, you have solid expectations for the quality of the results and the level of customer service that you receive. Each member of our fully insured painting team has extensive knowledge of paint and other commercial coatings. This includes the anti-microbial sealants that you may be searching for. We thoroughly prepare all surfaces as needed so that the coating can be applied perfectly, and we utilize the right materials and application methods for the specific surfaces that we are working on. At the same time, we go to great lengths to protect the property and furnishings from project-related damages. Our painters even thoroughly clean up our mess at the end of each workday.

Trusted College and University Painters Working for Your

We are the commercial painting contractors serving the Raleigh Durham area with an exceptional track record of satisfying our customers’ needs. More than that, we consistently strive to provide friendly service while completing each project on time and according to the cost quoted upfront. We take pride in all aspects of the experience that we provide and in the results that we create for our customers. While there are other commercial painting contractors in the Raleigh area that you could hire for your school and college painting needs, we understand the magnitude of your project and will not rest until you are satisfied with our work.

Our Hardworking Team of Vetted Painters

Some of our new customers wonder how we can be so confident in our team’s abilities to consistently wow our customers. The answer to this is found in our hiring process. Each employee who you may interact with and who may be assigned to work on your project has been fully vetted. Our employees are experienced, friendly and focused on excellence in everything that they do. We know that it is common practice for painting companies to hire independent subcontractors to complete their clients’ projects. However, to retain control over the cost, time and quality, we only trust our vetted employees to work on our clients’ properties.

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each project that we work on begins with a free estimate that fully details our fees and timing. We refuse to cut corners, so you can expect the quote to include itemized costs for pressure washing services and other preparatory efforts based on the scope of the project. We will happily work with you to schedule your painting project for a date and time that minimizes disruption to your school's activities. We can even paint your school at night, over a holiday or on a weekend. While your property understandably needs to benefit from the powerful properties of paint, you cannot afford to take chances with poorly qualified or lazy painters. We proudly stand behind our work with a lengthy warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

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At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we are honored to work on your school painting project. Our team is eager to learn more about your current painting needs during a consultation. At that time, we can answer your questions about our processes, qualifications and availability. We invite you to call us today or to contact us online to request a written estimate for your school painting project.