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An industrial or commercial paint job serves multiple important purposes. The right industrial painting contractor will improve the durability of your property, help you reduce long-term costs, and make it easier for you to maintain a high level of productivity.

Before hiring industrial painters in North Carolina, consider the reasons you need a paint job and the qualities you’re looking for in a contractor.


Why Do You Need High-Quality Industrial Painting in Raleigh Durham?

Protection for Your Property

Whether you operate a restaurant or a chemical plant, your property regularly sustains exposure to damaging forces.

When you're situated in Raleigh Durham NC or the Triangle area, your property needs to hold up against storms, heavy rain, hail, high winds, harsh sunlight, and extremes in temperature. Various surfaces on your property also suffer damage from pollutants and contaminants. These include grease, oil, smoke, dirt, and mold.

Different activities undermine the durability of your surfaces. Consider the flow of foot traffic and the way furniture and equipment scrape against your floors. Over time, these activities lead to costly deterioration.

Industrial painters do a lot more for you than apply paint of a certain color. They also specialize in the use of coatings that further protect surfaces. The paint and coatings they use make your surfaces more resistant to damage from moisture, heat, pollutants, and physical contact.

When handled by highly trained professionals, a paint job will comply with regulations and prove durable against damaging forces. Your industrial facility or commercial property will receive the upkeep it needs and enjoy greater strength and longevity.

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Financial Benefits

High-Quality Industrial Painting in Raleigh Durham

A commercial or industrial paint job is an investment in your property. It yields a variety of financial benefits over time.

With painting as part of your maintenance routine, you keep your property in good condition and prevent costly damage. You don’t wait for problems to become significantly more expensive.

With your property in good shape, your industrial or commercial operations run more smoothly. Your employees and commercial tenants have a better environment to work in and are more productive. Customers also receive a positive impression of your company and are more likely to give you their business.

Furthermore, a high-quality paint job helps maintain or lift the value of your property. When your property is free from signs of neglect, you’re in a better position to sell it or rent it out for a favorable amount.

Enhanced Brand Image

Your paint job is part of the image your company projects. From the combination of colors you choose to the areas on your property where the paint gets applied, every detail matters.

Along with making your property more attractive, a paint job communicates something about the values of your brand. The properties of paint, such as color and reflectivity, affect the atmosphere of your property. They evoke various emotions and associate your brand with different characteristics, such as playfulness or power.

Beyond producing a durable paint job, professional painters make sure that you’re working with the right paints and producing the desired effects.

What We Promise Our Customers

With over 40 years in business, we know what it takes to successfully complete a project and give our customers complete satisfaction. When you hire Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, expect the following:

Consistent Attention to Your Needs

Before a project begins, we make sure that we completely understand what you need. After discussing the work with you and evaluating your property, we give you personalized guidance on the best course of action.

When we establish a project schedule, we ensure that it maximizes convenience for you. As much as possible, we minimize disruption to your industrial or commercial operations. Depending on your needs, we can work on weekends or outside of conventional business hours during the week.

Also, you can trust us to respect your budget. We understand how important it is for you to avoid wasteful spending. We make cost-effective decisions that produce stellar outcomes.

Highly Skilled and Trustworthy Workers

For commercial or industrial painting, you need workers with the right background and training. With a team of highly qualified workers, you enjoy superlative results and a safe work environment.

All of our workers are thoroughly vetted and fully insured. Before they’re trusted with any job, we ensure that they’ve undergone rigorous training. Their training includes comprehensive safety protocols that prevent costly accidents.

Once they’re hired, our workers’ training doesn’t stop. They regularly update their skills and knowledge. They become adept at using the latest technologies and techniques in our industry. They learn about the properties and correct application of new paints and coatings.

You can trust your property to our outstanding workers. With their dedication and finely honed skills, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Industrial Painting Contractors Raleigh NC

The Ability to Successfully Handle Challenges

We carry out projects on a wide variety of industrial and commercial properties. Banks, hospitals, apartment buildings, office parks, warehouses, factories, and tank farms are among the many work sites we have successfully worked on.

No property is exactly like any other. We know how to work on a range of surfaces, including brick, concrete, vinyl, and metal. We understand the effects of heat, moisture, and other environmental conditions. For each job, we know which products are best to use.

Whenever there are any challenges, we come up with effective and budget-friendly solutions. Even when a surface is in poor condition or difficult to safely reach, we find ways to deliver excellent results. We never make life easier for ourselves by ignoring problems. We always face them and find powerful ways to solve them.

Integrity and Transparency

The way we conduct our business makes us thoroughly trustworthy. We’re licensed and insured and have developed a strong reputation based on decades of successful work.

You can expect accurate and clear information from us about pricing, scheduling, and all other aspects of our work. We don’t hit you with preventable delays, hidden fees, and other unpleasant surprises. Depend on us for outstanding workmanship and complete integrity.

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If you operate an industrial facility or commercial property in or around Raleigh Durham NC and the Triangle area, we look forward to working with you. As an experienced industrial painting contractor, we know how to protect and enhance your property. We're committed to helping your enterprise grow and thrive.