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Excellent Medical Facility Painting Services

Medical facility painting requires the services of a contractor with specialized skills and consistent integrity. The services we offer result in significant improvements to medical facilities in and around Raleigh Durham NC and the Triangle area.


The Benefits of Healthcare Facility Painting Services

Reduced Spread of Disease

Bacteria and other microbes flourish on various surfaces, including floors and walls. Certain coatings have the power to prevent or limit the growth and spread of pathogens. For example, antimicrobial epoxy flooring offers protection against bacteria, fungi, and mildew. From restrooms to operating rooms, this type of flooring is useful for a range of areas in a medical facility.

Fewer Accidents

Especially in areas where patients undergo treatment or get transported, the floors must be resistant to slipperiness. Medical painting contractors can give surfaces a reliable level of resistance to slips and skidding.

Another key area to consider is the parking lot. Does the striping give drivers enough room to park comfortably? Do drivers know where to turn and which areas to avoid? It’s also important to clearly designate zones for emergency vehicles. To improve the safety and overall appearance of your parking area, you need to hire painting contractors who have extensive experience working on parking lots.

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Clear Signage and Markings

In the bustle of a medical facility, people often find it difficult to make their way to the right room or floor. Your facility needs to display clear signage in the appropriate color, size, style, and location.

In hospitals, floor safety markings reduce the chances of accidents and help make medical services more efficient. These markings need to be intelligible and prominent. They should be able to withstand regular foot traffic, the pressure of gurneys and carts, and other damaging forces.

Less Structural Deterioration

Paint services for medical facilities play an integral role in the longevity of a structure and the durability of its surfaces. For example, rust encapsulation helps prevent the corrosion of metal surfaces. Using paints and coatings with special properties can help seal surfaces against moisture and prevent the spread of mildew.

Less Toxicity

You can update your paint jobs with newer products that are less toxic and more environmentally friendly.

For example, you can use products that contain little or no volatile organic compounds. When these compounds are emitted from paint, they contribute to a variety of health problems. Choosing products that are healthier is a great benefit to patients and employees.

More Beauty and Positive Feelings

Raleigh NC Medical Facility Painting Services

Whether it’s on the exterior or interior of your facility, a paint job has a profound effect on people’s psychological state. It also gives people a strong impression of your brand.

If your paint job is peeling, chipping, or showing other signs of neglect, patients are less likely to choose you as their medical provider. They’ll associate your facility with inattentiveness, outdated methods, and a lack of adequate care. Also, your patients and employees will find their surroundings more depressing and less conducive to healing and calm.

An updated paint job gives new energy to your hospital, clinic, or office. It reflects well on your brand and shows that you care about every aspect of your patients’ experience.

The colors you choose can help patients, employees, and visitors feel more calm or hopeful. You can create an atmosphere of gentleness and vitality. Softer shades of blue, green, and yellow are among the popular colors for medical facilities. Depending on how you apply them, other colors can also work beautifully.

Consult with your painting contractor about the right color combinations and other paint properties, including reflectivity. You also have to consider how each paint will look in different kinds of lighting.

Additional work your contractor can perform for you ranges from drywall repair to the application of decorative faux finishes. For example, the walls of a waiting room can present fascinating patterns and appear to have different textures. With the right contractor, there are numerous possibilities for making your facility more beautiful.

Choosing the Right Medical Painting Contractors

At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we have over 40 years of experience delivering outstanding projects to customers.

Medical settings are among our specialties. We’re capable of successfully completing work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, dental offices, and other facilities that deliver health care. The following are key qualities we bring to each project:

Comprehensive Knowledge and Training

We understand the properties of all the paints, finishes, and other substances we work with. We also understand the characteristics of various surfaces and how they’re affected by heat, moisture, chemical spills, and other damaging forces.

Our workers have undergone extensive vetting and training. They stay updated on the latest products and technologies in our industry, and they maintain their mastery of all the relevant techniques. Working in well-coordinated teams, they consistently achieve excellence.

Stellar Quality

Even when a project is challenging, we apply our experience, skills, and problem-solving abilities to come up with cost-effective solutions. We can work on surfaces that are in disrepair or difficult to reach.

We never skip over or rush through the steps of medical facility painting. With both efficiency and thoroughness, we fix, clean, and treat each surface before any painting begins. The results are consistently outstanding. You enjoy a paint job that’s beautiful, durable, and full of practical benefits for your facility.

Raleigh Healthcare Facility Painters

Outstanding Customer Service

Throughout each project, we prioritize the well-being of your patients and employees. We also keep you from wasting money and time on preventable delays and shoddy work.

With your input, we schedule and structure our projects to minimize disruption at your medical facility. Our work hours are flexible and include weekends.

During each stage of the work, we maintain a tidy space and take all safety precautions. Our workers follow strict safety protocols that protect themselves and other people in the vicinity, including your patients.

We respect your budget and never subject you to unfair costs and hidden fees. You can count on our integrity and our transparency about every aspect of a project, including pricing.

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If your medical facility is located in or around Raleigh Durham NC or the Triangle area, call on us for high-quality work. Licensed and insured, we guarantee that our work will meet rigorous standards and result in your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to help you improve the quality of patient care and further the success of your medical business.