Hospital Wall Protection

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Hospital Wall Protection

Medical facilities are difficult environments to maintain. Hospital beds and other equipment often have to be moved, and these heavy items can regularly slam into walls. Patients struggling with medical problems can sometimes act violently or even intentionally try to damage a facility. Corrosive chemical agents can also be a problem in some areas.

The bottom line is that a wide range of medical facilities really take a beating over the years. Consequently, walls, floors, and other surfaces can depreciate rapidly if they are not built in the right way and protected with proper maintenance. Our company specializes in strengthening medical facilities to protect them against damage that will inevitably occur over the years. Read on to learn how you can protect your medical facility and patients with modern hospital wall protection solutions designed for today's medical environment.


Unique Challenges With Maintenance in Medical Facilities

Since medical facilities are regularly exposed to damage, they require routine maintenance and often need to be repaired. Unfortunately, maintenance is not an easy task in the medical environment. Doing maintenance can create dust that can damage specialized medical equipment while potentially endangering patients with certain medical complications. Maintenance can also create noise that can irritate patients. Sometimes, adhesives or other chemicals have to be used, and these products can necessitate removing patients from at least one section of a facility.

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The bottom line is that upkeep in a medical facility often leads to significant downtime. When hospitals have to shut down their operations for even a few days, significant amounts of money can be lost. Additionally, medical facilities need to be available on a reliable basis. When medical facilities have to be shut down, the overall quality of care can be substantially reduced while potentially creating life-threatening risks for members of the community.

Designing Protected Interiors for Medical Facilities

Hospital Wall Protection

Our company specializes in using professional techniques to improve the quality of interiors for medical applications. In particular, we are specialists at using the right mix of available products to protect walls, ceilings, floors, and other key areas in medical facilities. Our solutions substantially reduce facility depreciation while speeding up the process of doing maintenance or building improvement projects.

Using the Right Finishes

One key technique is to use durable finishes that are textured to cushion shocks. These finishes are made of abrasive materials that help to hide abrasions and scratches that can accumulate over time. Additionally, the materials used in these finishes last for a long time since they are designed to not chip or delaminate, yet they still meet HTM 05-02 fire code regulations.

Protecting Walls and Door Frames

Another technique involves attaching impact-resistant sheets to doors, walls, and other objects that are commonly hit with large medical equipment. This protection can be achieved by attaching a series of impact-resistant panels to walls and doorways. These sheets are designed to absorb common shocks better than an ordinary wall, and they can also be replaced quickly when they wear out over time. In fact, these sheets are so easy to remove that maintenance can usually be done without any disruptions to ordinary medical facility operations.

Protecting Corners

Wall protection services usually need to focus on corners since these areas are most vulnerable to damage. To prevent damage, stick-on corner guards can be used. In areas subject to heavy abuse, aluminum retainers can be used to provide a strong level of protection. Aluminum is ideal for corner guards because it can be designed in a way that enables it to bend during strong impacts that could lead to injuries.

Effective Solutions From Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper

Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper in Raleigh Durham NC specializes in providing wall protection services that truly get results. We are real experts in providing wall protection for healthcare environments. Our experts have a strong understanding of when to use the various substrates and finishes available in the marketplace. We are eager to work in challenging environments and can work with nearly any type of medical establishment.

We Work on Your Schedule

Maintenance is particularly challenging in medical facilities that often need to be available 24 hours a day. The medical industry is highly regulated, and existing laws usually require patients to be removed from an area before maintenance can be done. Therefore, even small interior improvement projects can result in substantial operational interruptions that are infeasible in many cases.

Our company specializes in finding solutions to get work done as quickly as possible on your schedule. We can work during off-hours, on weekends, or at another time that is most convenient for you. Most importantly, we can take steps to reduce the time required to complete a project. We can work very quickly when necessary, and we can apply a wide range of solutions that are designed to be rapidly installed. In some situations, our company can use specialized equipment to contain debris in ways that can allow operations to continue.

By working on your schedule and taking steps to speed up projects, we can help to substantially reduce maintenance costs while enabling your facilities to move forward with necessary maintenance tasks that might otherwise have to be foregone. In this way, our company helps to improve our community while making healthcare facilities more effective at achieving their goals.

Types of Facilities Served

We have the expertise necessary to work on nearly all types of medical facilities. Active hospitals are usually one of the most challenging environments to work in, but our team has the expertise necessary to overcome the main barriers to doing maintenance. We have worked on a wide variety of hospital projects, including new builds, remodels, and active hospital environments.

Our company also has experience working on medical research facilities. Research facilities have their own unique range of challenges, and our experts have a thorough understanding of how to navigate through these hurdles.

Additionally, we can assist with improving the interiors of ordinary medical facilities, such as doctor's offices and patient waiting rooms. Overall, our company can help with all areas of hospitals and other medical facilities. The work we can help with can range from simple wallpapering to installing medical-grade rail guards.

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Strengthening your medical facility with wall protection equipment can reduce depreciation while improving the quality of care you can offer for patients. When you work with Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper in Raleigh Durham NC and the Triangle area, you can depend on getting consistent quality from real experts. Therefore, you can get services tailored specifically to your unique needs. In this way, our services can help you to get better results while saving money at the same time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to improve the interior of your medical facility.