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Medical Facility Painting in Raleigh Durham NC

Painting hospitals with the right colors and paint types is essential today. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper of Raleigh Durham, we understand this. In addition to large hospitals, we can paint other medical facilities, such as assisted living homes, nursing homes, medical offices, rehab centers, dental offices, vision clinics and many others. When we provide painting services for hospitals or other medical facilities, we work efficiently to complete the project within budget and on schedule.


Why Hospital Painting Is Important

Paint has plenty of benefits for hospitals. In lobbies and surgical waiting areas, a cool color can help people feel relaxed. A warmer color can inspire positive and cheerful feelings. With hospital room painting, an optimal color of paint can help patients feel more comfortable. Antimicrobial paint can aid in an infection control strategy. Paint is especially beneficial in multi-level or multi-wing hospitals for organizational purposes. For example, you can paint one floor with a blue theme, another with a green theme and so forth. This helps people know where they are or where they need to go. The same idea is beneficial in parking lots or garages. We can handle all these tasks and more.

In addition to painting the exterior and interior surfaces of hospitals and medical facilities, we can paint garages, parking lots, signs, floors and more. With floors, we can apply eco-friendly epoxy and other coatings. We also apply coatings to some medical equipment. If you have metal surfaces that are starting to rust, we provide rust encapsulation. We can do most forms of drywall and plaster repairs. Our company can provide low-VOC and no-VOC paints to areas that require them. Rest assured that we have the equipment, knowledge and skills to meet all your interior and exterior hospital painting needs.

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Why Work With Professional Hospital Painters?

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The main benefit is having a team of professionals who understand your unique needs as a medical facility that must comply with special regulations. In addition to being familiar with these, professional hospital painters give you the benefit of not having to use your own maintenance staff to perform the task. To make the process go as quickly as possible, it is essential to have the right skills and equipment. Investing in those can be costlier than hiring a team of professionals who already have the equipment.

Another benefit of hiring professional medical facility painters is that you have the assurance of a cost limit and a quality result. Putting your own staff at risk to undertake such a job could be a potential worker's compensation issue. With a professional company, the painters are already insured, giving you one less safety concern. Additionally, you do not have to worry about unexpected delays or other issues raising the expected cost. Professional painters know how to identify issues before they become problems and finish jobs on time. They provide a quality result without charging you more than what you see on an estimate. Since you also know that they can choose the right types of paint for each application, you have the peace of mind that your facility remains compliant with important rules or guidelines.

The Hospital Painting Process

When we work with hospitals or medical facilities, the first step is learning more about the facility and the scope of the project. Once we provide an estimate and you accept it, we work with you on scheduling. We understand that painting can be an inconvenience to you, employees and patients. This is why we do our best to work during planned shutdowns or times when there are fewer people in a specific area.

Our first step is preparation. This includes minor repairs, sanding, caulking and patching. We also thoroughly clean surfaces. The goal is to optimize them for paint application. Next, we apply primer to boost paint longevity and improve its appearance. We apply paint after that. With floor coating and other specialized services, there may be additional or slightly different steps. However, we explain the entire process to you beforehand. Our painters always inspect their work and clean up before they leave.

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Why Choose Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper for Medical Facility Painting in Raleigh Durham?

We take pride in providing consistent and high-quality painting services for hospitals. Our painters exercise the highest degree of professionalism, and we ensure that by performing background checks on all candidates before we hire them. You only work with our own trusted employees, and we never send subcontractors. We also take pride in maintaining our excellent track record for exceptional work for the past three decades. Our painters are familiar with important safety standards and exercise them at all times to maintain our company's good safety record. These are some other reasons why medical facilities hire us:

  • We have a thorough understanding of all types of substrates in hospitals.
  • We are familiar with and use the latest equipment, technologies and methods.
  • We hire painters who can work in even the most challenging environments.
  • We can accommodate flexible scheduling needs and are happy to work weekends.
  • We are fully insured and licensed.
  • We know how to choose the right types of paint for different surfaces and have a deep understanding of paint properties and characteristics.

We are so confident in the abilities of our painters that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on our work. When you are considering healthcare facility painting, we know that time is money. Rest assured that we do everything we can to minimize disruptions, and we know how to effectively juggle communication, product choice, supply orders, timing and more. When it comes to painting a hospital or a medical facility, you need a team with experience and the capacity to handle your project. To learn more about our services and receive a free medical facility painting estimate in Raleigh Durham NC and the Triangle area, please contact us.