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Why We're the Best Raleigh Durham, NC Residential Painters

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your Raleigh Durham NC home can be an affordable, easy and quick way to protect it against the elements. It can also be an effective way to add curb appeal, which can improve its overall market value. Painting an interior space can help to freshen its look while also helping to guard against water, pest or other types of damage. Let's take a closer look at why you should hire Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper to complete an interior or exterior painting project.


We're Licensed and Insured

As a fully insured provider of residential painting services, we are able to hold ourselves responsible for any accidents that might occur on your property. For instance, if we accidentally get paint on your patio furniture, we can pay to replace it without delay. However, as a licensed provider of residential painting services in Raleigh Durham NC, our folks receive constant training to minimize the odds of anything going wrong during a project.

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Our People Will Get the Job Done In a Timely Manner

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We understand that you don't want residential painters to remain on your property for any longer than necessary. Therefore, our people will work whenever it is safe to do so to ensure that a project is completed as quickly as possible. If you'd like, we can work throughout the overnight hours to paint interior spaces to further reduce the amount of time spent at your home.

We'll Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own

Our team of residential painters will do whatever it takes to minimize the amount of clutter that might accumulate while working on your home. This can help to reduce the amount of time that it takes to clean an area after it has been painted, which can help to keep the overall cost of a project down. Furthermore, it may prevent anyone in the home from slipping, tripping or falling.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we understand that you might not have the time, tools or experience to repaint your master bedroom, exterior siding or a garage door. Therefore, we focus on putting you at ease from the moment that you first get in touch with us. We offer free estimates, warranties that last for up to two years and quality customer service throughout a project. The people who work on our staff are thoroughly vetted before they are hired to ensure that they are among the best in their field.

Paint Is Our Passion

One of the reasons why people choose us to paint their homes is that we take pride in knowing everything we can about paint. We also have extensive knowledge about painting techniques and the 21st century tools that are used to complete residential projects.

Therefore, you can feel confident that the type of paint used on your home is going to make it look great for years to come. You can also feel confident knowing that the colors we suggest to use on your home will create a welcoming environment to everyone who spends time on your property.

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What to Expect During Your Consultation?

A representative from our company will visit your home, spend some time learning about your specific needs and answer any questions that you may have. From there, we will provide an overview of the types of materials that we'll use on your home. As a general rule, a matte paint will be used on siding as it tends to provide a more modern look. Furthermore, it does a better job hiding scuffs, stains and other surface imperfections.

However, a higher gloss paint will typically be used on shutters, doors and other surfaces that you want to stand out from the street. Higher gloss paints are also used in kitchens, bathrooms or other interior spaces that tend to be moist or humid. This is because they are easier to keep clean, which can be ideal in spaces that might be more vulnerable to mold or mildew growth.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that we will use paints that are water-based as they contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that you can safely spend the night in your bedroom without having to keep the windows and doors open to provide extra ventilation. It also means that the paint won't give off such a strong smell when it is first applied to walls, molding or other surfaces throughout the home.

Of course, you'll have the final say as to the type of paint that is applied on your property. Before we leave, you'll be given an estimated project timeline that will be based on a number of factors such as the weather, the scope of the job and your schedule. It's important to note that we'll likely need to spend several hours prepping a surface to be painted before any work can actually begin.

We know that you can easily find dozens of contractors in the Raleigh Durham NC area simply by typing painters near me into Google. However, our crew of interior and exterior painters sets itself apart from the competition by offering quality customer service. We also set ourselves apart from the competition by using the best materials and offering affordable prices. Our goal is to make sure that your home looks its best for years after Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper has finished painting it.