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Facility Maintenance Painting in Raleigh Durham NC

When you want to protect the property of your Raleigh Durham NC or the Triangle area business, it is smart to hire a paint company that specializes in facility maintenance services. Not all paint jobs are the same. It is essential to work with a company that understands the unique situations that are involved with businesses. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we have served commercial businesses for over four decades. Thanks to our experience, we tend to your particular needs efficiently and safely.


Types of Structures that We Paint

Our company is proud to serve a variety of business properties. Commercial facility maintenance is essential to keep your business working well and looking its best. We serve factories, warehouses, offices, hospitals, malls, restaurants, apartment complexes, and many other commercial properties.

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Facility Maintenance Painting in Raleigh Durham NC

A number of businesses have moisture in the air or have dirt that is constantly flying around the workspace. This can cause damage to the walls. With a proper paint job, it is possible to prolong the life of your structure.

Also, facilities like factories and warehouses contain metal machinery that can corrode or rust. For this reason, they must be maintained properly. A team of professionals comprehends the importance of facility maintenance painting.

Benefits of Forming a Facility Maintenance Plan

Unlike residential jobs that can be done once or that do not need to be fixed immediately, commercial painting must be performed routinely to make sure that the interior and exterior of structures do not have problems. Without keeping a constant watch, things deteriorate quickly. Professional painters know the most common issues that require attention. When a facility maintenance plan is in place, all surfaces are regularly inspected so that a building and its equipment look aesthetically pleasing and do not require costly repairs. Maintenance painting programs help to protect your investment and attract clients who want to do business in a fresh-looking facility.

Various Maintenance Programs Offered by Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper

Our company realizes that each commercial entity has different paint requirements. To make sure that your facility is looking its best and functioning properly, we offer different maintenance programs to fit individual needs.

Monthly Maintenance

If you own a business that draws a high amount of traffic, including an apartment building or a manufacturing facility, you will need continual maintenance assistance. Our monthly program provides touchups as needed.

Yearly Maintenance

Once a year, we arrive to review your facility and to perform painting on places that require attention. Whether this involves applying a new coat of paint to equipment or to structural walls, we make things appear fresh on a yearly basis.

Scheduled Maintenance

Instead of selecting monthly or yearly visits from our team of professional painters, we set up a maintenance program according to your needs. After a determined amount of time passes from a completed paint project, we will arrive and determine what areas need our attention the most.

Reasons to Choose Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper

Our company has years of experience serving the needs of commercial properties. If your business requires facility maintenance painting services, our team delivers a number of benefits.

Conserves Time

Any business that manufactures goods or services the public understands the importance of experiencing the least amount of downtime possible. Time is money, so if a painting job takes too long, profits suffer. A manufacturing plant that is shut for painting maintenance for a lengthy period of time will not be able to fill orders. A restaurant that is closed for a set time will lose business. A hospital that must close wings at a time for painting services will have to turn away sick patients. A hotel that must close floors of rooms for painting maintenance will lose guests. Our team of professionals works quickly to get all jobs completed in a timely matter. We will get you back and running as fast as possible.

Our Team

The work of a company depends on the experience and training of its employees. Everyone on our team is licensed and insured, which protects your property. We never use any type of third-party contractors. All jobs result in clean and efficient results. We use top quality products and understand how to maintain commercial facilities. We use the newest techniques and the latest equipment to make sure that your property looks its best and functions perfectly.

Heightens Safety

Safety is always a concern. Certain commercial businesses contain dangerous machinery that must be painted. Our employees comply with all OSHA guidelines and know how to safely paint all types of equipment. Also, we have the proper tools to safely reach high ceilings and other potentially dangerous areas.

Flexible Scheduling

We comprehend the importance of scheduling maintenance at the right time. Many manufacturing plants work at all hours of the day and weekends. Things may be the same for other commercial facilities. We offer flexible scheduling so that we are not in your way and so that no other inconveniences interrupt your business.

Commercial Facility Maintenance Raleigh NC

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

When you work with us, you gain peace of mind knowing that all of our services are 100 percent guaranteed. You can be confidant that you will be totally satisfied with the results. We address all issues and return on a planned basis to make sure that everything is maintained.

When you own a business in Raleigh Durham NC or in the Triangle area that needs commercial painting services, we are ready to help. We work hard to make sure that we deliver top results every time. To receive a free estimate, contact us today.