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Pressure Washing

Whether you own a manufacturing facility, an apartment complex or any other type of commercial property in the Raleigh Durham NC area, keeping the exterior well-maintained and clean are significant priorities that require regular attention. All surfaces can be coated with dust, dirt, mildew and even pest remnants. As these materials accumulate in increasing quantities on the building’s exterior, curb appeal and property condition will suffer. This ultimately can impact the business's reputation and may lead to increased maintenance and repair costs down the road. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we have been helping local property owners care for their buildings and other surfaces through pressure washing service for more than 40 years. If your building, paved areas, fencing and other surfaces have seen better days, now is the time to schedule this essential service with our team.


Maintain Your Property’s Condition and Curb Appeal

Power washing is an efficient and thorough way to prepare commercial buildings for the application of fresh paint. Our hardworking team in Raleigh Durham NC can also use a high-pressure washing method to improve curb appeal and to keep exterior surfaces pristine in between painting projects. From stucco on an office building to brick on a retail strip center and a wide range of other hard surfaces, our conscientious team can deliver the beautiful results that you need to see.

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Our Expertise with All Surfaces

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The extreme water pressure used with this type of cleaning method can potentially damage some surfaces. Because of this, the pressure must be adjusted to accommodate the specific types of surfaces that are being cleaned at the time. Our hardworking team members utilize the latest equipment, proven techniques and deep knowledge of how different surfaces react to intense pressure. By doing so, we can safeguard your property’s exterior surfaces while also removing all of the problematic grime and buildup.

Impressive Results That Add True Value

The impact of curb appeal on your business’s reputation and image is substantial. Unfortunately, the buildup of grime occurs on all exterior surfaces can be detrimental and must be removed periodically. Through our experienced team’s pressure washing efforts, all filth will be removed. In addition, many surfaces will be restored to like-new condition. Customers and clients who visit the property will see a building that is properly taken care of, and this makes a bold statement about the business itself. More than that, pressure washing service can prevent some types of wear that are attributed to excessive filth. In these ways, our team’s efforts can bring true value to your space.

Trust Our Team with All of Your Commercial Pressure Washing Needs

At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, our pressure washers are licensed and insured, and they will work diligently to deliver the beautiful results that you want to see. From factories and warehouses to hospitals, banks, restaurants and more, we can work in all types of challenging environments. Because our power washers work efficiently and are available to address all of your needs with flexible scheduling, we will meet or exceed expectations while maintaining a low profile on-site.

Experienced, Vetted Professionals Who Get the Job Done

The condition and curb appeal of your commercial property’s exterior are important factors, so you understandably do not want to place them in unskilled hands. Because pressure washing should be completed by only well-qualified, experienced professionals who know how to safeguard surfaces while also cleaning them, we take tremendous strides to hire the right individuals to join our team. In fact, we thoroughly vet all individuals before they are invited to become team members. This vetting process includes a comprehensive background check, a review of professional expertise and an assessment of their knowledge of processes and equipment. As part of our consistent focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we will never outsource your project to outside contractors. Rest assured that we will do great work while focusing on safety, property condition and quality.

Projects Completed Promptly and to Your Satisfaction

Whether you hire our power washing team to thoroughly clean the entire exterior surface of a building or to focus on fencing, pavement or other surfaces, you are assured that we will get the job done to your satisfaction and with a focus on efficiency. While the results of a thorough power wash service can be profound, we understand that the presence of our team members on your property during business hours can be disruptive. Because of our expertise, we are able to produce efficient results that live up to your expectations. In fact, our workmanship and results are guaranteed. When you contact us soon to discuss your property’s current needs, we can talk about scheduling on evenings or weekends so that the effect of our service on your business’s operations is minimized.

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When is the last time your property in Raleigh Durham NC or in the Triangle area benefited from power washing? With each passing day, more grime will accumulate on exterior surfaces. This means that the property will increasingly look filthy and improperly cared for until you take action. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we are proud to be the trusted company that our local clients turn to for this important service. To inquire about our availability and to request an estimate for the service that your property needs, contact us today.