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Home gyms are a great way for fitness-minded people to make sure they have a place to exercise each day. Whether you want to upgrade the area you have or need to create a home gym from scratch, design details are what can take the space from bland to inspiring.

Color has been shown to influence mood, so choosing the right hue for your home gym is essential. Putting paint on your walls first will help create the right mood for the entire space.

An interior painting company has the ability to make your home gym look professional and personalized. You can get an interior painting quote in Raleigh NC to find the right palette for your home.

Color to Fit Your Workout

Your ideal workout is going to be unique to you. While some people love gentle yoga, others want the intensity associated with Crossfit. That’s why Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper has recommendations for every workout enthusiast when it comes to interior painting.

Fiery Hues: If you’re looking for colors to keep you pumped for your entire workout, choose fiery tones like red and orange. These are ideal if you want to push yourself through weightlifting or Crossfit routines.

Since these colors are strong, you need to consider the space you are painting. Small areas can easily become overwhelmed by strong colors, so you might only want to paint one wall a fiery orange and leave the rest neutral.

Calming Tones: For people who like the flow of yoga, calming tones can create a peaceful sanctuary for your workout. Try light blues, earthy greens, and other colors from the natural palette for a room that feels safe and calm.

Cool Colors: Whether you are sweating due to hot yoga or a long ride on a stationary bike, it’s good to be surrounded by cooling colors that help you get to that next breath and push through your workout. Think grays and icy blues that will coat your space in a soothing color that helps you keep your inner cool even when you are outwardly sweating.

Neutrals: If your home gym is going to accommodate a variety of workouts, you may have trouble settling on a color. Fortunately, neutrals can save the day. Neutral colors go well in any space and keep it from appearing too busy or overwhelming. You can add other decorative elements of any color when you have a neutral canvas to work with on your walls.

Finishing Touches

Interior painting is the right start when you want to customize your home gym. The right paint job puts you in the perfect position to add finishing touches to optimize your space. Further optimization may include the following:

Organization: Part of the appeal of a gym is how organized it is. You can go to the gym and make your way around easily with all the equipment you need within reach. You can create this same vibe with your home gym by prioritizing organization.

Set up shelves for towels and make sure you have an area to keep your weights organized. If your focus is yoga, you need space to store mats and any other props that help you with the practice. Adding a small fridge for cold water and protein-packed snacks will also make it easier for you to have everything you need within reach.

Lighting: If your home gym has windows, natural light will go a long way in making your home gym feel illuminated. However, you can add the light you need if windows aren’t an option. You need enough light to keep your energy level up while you exercise. However, you don’t want to add harsh lighting that isn’t inviting. Aim for soft tones that keep you moving.

Mirrors: Mirrors are magic. When added to a home gym, they can make your space seem much larger. They also help you check your form while you exercise so you don’t suffer from injuries. Try to add tall mirrors for a full gym experience.

Personal Touches: Remember that your home gym is your space. You should add personal touches that make it a comfortable place that feels like you. Place a white board on the wall so you can track your progress and write inspiring quotes each day. Add small plants or motivational posters that specifically speak to you. Candles for meditation or small speakers that blast music to keep you motivated are also great touches.

If you feel motivated to renovate your own home gym, Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper is the painting company you can count on to help you get the project done. We take the stress of painting and color selection out of your hands and offer professional application you can trust. We will provide excellent service from start to finish on a timeline that works for you.

If you still have questions, contact one of our professional interior painters today! We’re happy to help you with your home gym in Raleigh NC.

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