Should You Paint Your Raleigh NC Commercial Business During the Holidays This Year?

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If it’s never the right time to paint your commercial space, take heart. The holidays can give you a precious window of opportunity to perform this essential maintenance.

Many businesses run on overdrive during the holiday season. It’s a chaotic for time for many. Shelves are being stocked. Holiday inventory is arriving. It’s hard to imagine a commercial paint job underway simultaneously.

You will be happy to learn that with the help of an experienced Raleigh NC commercial painting contractor, the entire operation can be completed swiftly, smoothly and with great precision.

Fresh paint can give your workplace a whole new appeal. Researchers have found that the environment where people work impacts both their job performance and their sense of well-being. New paint can make dismal spaces feel warm and forbidding places look welcoming. Color can be empowering. It’s a wonderful way to thank your employees for all their hard work.

Reasons Why Hiring a Commercial Painting Company During the Holidays Is a Great Idea

There are fewer employees to work around

Many workers take vacation time during the holidays. Your commercial space may be virtually deserted. It’s much easier for painters to navigate in that situation because there are fewer variables to consider. Empty spaces are the easiest spaces to paint. Changing the work schedule for remaining employees may not even be necessary.

The job will get done faster

For commercial painting companies, the holidays are traditionally their slow season. That fact works to your advantage as a business manager. The painters can better accommodate your schedule when they are not so busy painting spaces for other customers.

Demand for commercial paint jobs wanes during the holidays. When the workload is relatively low, commercial painters can offer you more of their resources and greater attention to your project. With extra painters available to help with the work, the painting process can quickly move forward.

You can gift your people with a cheerier environment

The holiday season is a dark season in terms of sunlight. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is thought to be depression resulting from reduced daylight, is real.

SAD can affect employee morale and job performance. You can help your team survive the winter by adding some pops of color to create a cheery and upbeat space.

Colors differ in their effects. Blue can make you feel serene while helping you focus on details. Blue can boost productivity, too.

White is the worst office color. It makes the environment seem sterile and cold, and it makes employees feel isolated. White does nothing to enhance workplace productivity.

If you want happy workers and satisfied customers, paint the walls yellow. This color stimulates creativity. It can make you feel happier and more optimistic. Yellow helps creative people to develop new and innovative ideas.

Red is an energizing color. It stimulates people to interact and can increase energy levels of employees, especially those who perform physical work. You don’t have to paint all the walls red to energize your workers. A few bold and thoughtfully placed accents will have the same effect.

You’ll save money

You could task the maintenance crew with painting your workplace. However, it’s not their specialty, and they can’t achieve the same results as professionals. Good commercial painters don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, this is their slow season, so you might be able to cut a deal.

An experienced and dedicated commercial painting team can deliver the impeccable results you expect from professionals. The team can also ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the outcome.

Commercial painting professionals have the tools, equipment and expertise to paint most surfaces and achieve stunning results. Meanwhile, the painting company’s design team can help you choose just the right colors.

Instead of taking a loss during the holidays, use the time proactively by getting your painting project done. It’s an excellent way to bring in the new year.

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