The Difference Between Paint Finishes for Your Raleigh Business

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Commercial Paint Finishes

When most people think about repainting the interior of a business or other commercial building, they think about the color first. However, one underappreciated attribute of paint is the finish. The finish can make a world of difference in terms of appearance and usefulness. If you are thinking of contacting a commercial interior painting contractor to repaint your business, these are some helpful points to know about different types of finishes.


A flat finish contains no sheen or up to 5% sheen. The sheen is the measurement of reflected light from a finish. Since a flat finish absorbs more light instead of reflecting it, the surface does not have any shine. If your wall has a lot of flaws in it, this is an ideal paint choice. A flat paint will make it look smoother, and it is typically a cost-effective choice. However, it is also harder to clean and may be a little less durable than other types.


A matte finish has a sheen between 5% and 10%, which means that there is only a tiny hint of shine. Since it reflects only a little light, the coverage it offers is good for walls with imperfections. This is especially beneficial on larger surface areas. Because it should not be cleaned frequently or vigorously, it is better for low-traffic areas.


This finish is often confused as a color. When eggshell is a finish type, it means that there is between 10% and 25% sheen in it. In comparison with matte, it has more shine. However, it is not remarkably shiny. While it covers some imperfections, it does not cover them as well as matte. Eggshell is more durable than matte and less durable than higher-gloss paints. It is a better choice for medium-traffic areas that require infrequent cleaning and have larger surface areas. Hallways and conference rooms are two examples.


A satin finish has a sheen between 25% and 35%. Flaws are still visible with a satin finish because of the higher gloss. However, it offers better coverage than high-gloss paint. It is more durable than lower-sheen paints and is still a reasonable choice for most budgets. Also, it is fairly easy to clean. Bathrooms, offices, foyers, smaller hallways and meeting spaces are some examples of places where satin finish is often used. It is one of the most versatile options.


Semi-gloss paint has a sheen between 35% and 75%. It is durable and is an excellent finish for rooms that are prone to moisture. Kitchens, bathrooms and rooms with spas or hot tubs are some examples. Also, it works for trims, doors or smaller surface areas. It may not be ideal for offices, hallways or conference rooms. The higher sheen means that it reflects more light and may also cause a glare, which can be detrimental in some rooms.


When paint has a sheen of 85% or higher, it has a high-gloss finish. This finish is ideal for trims, doors, bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. It makes brighter colors look more vivid, making it a good choice for trims, cabinets or other smaller areas that look better with accentuation. Smaller surface areas are better since it makes imperfections highly visible. It is durable and easy to clean.


Medical offices, laboratories and other facilities that require a high degree of sanitation can benefit from antimicrobial finishes. With special additives, antimicrobial paint offers protection from bacteria, mold and other microbes. When microbes fall on the wall, the special additives naturally kill them. Also, it prevents many microorganisms from adhering to the painted surface.

Finding a Professional Commercial Painting Company in Raleigh NC

It helps to know which type of finish you prefer or which one is ideal for the area of your business you want to paint. If you need help deciding, a commercial painting contractor can help walk you through the steps to make the right choice and can help you better envision your selection. Also, a professional helps you understand maintenance requirements, longevity and other important factors. Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper has more than 15 years of experience and takes pride in creating results that you can trust. Our company has a proven track record of quality remodeling, wallpapering and painting services. We are fully insured and licensed, and our professional tradespeople finish jobs on schedule and within your budget. Let us help you turn your ideas into reality. If you need a commercial painting company in Raleigh NC, please contact us today. We offer free quotes.

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