The Effects of Weather on Industrial Protective Coatings

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Industrial coatings are designed to be tough and long-lasting when exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions, but even the most durable of these products have some limitations to their strength and longevity. The team here at Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper is backed by more than 15 years of experience as local industrial painting contractors, and we possess a wealth of time-tested knowledge on how weather can impact commercial painting services and the industrial protective coating materials themselves.

Weather Conditions and Coating Application

Industrial paints and coatings are made from mixtures of organic and inorganic substances that have been combined with pigments for achieving the desired color. Coating products may contain epoxy resin for durability and flexibility as well as additives that provide protection from corrosion and abrasion. Ideal levels of heat and moisture are often used in the creation of these coatings, but exposure to extreme heat or moisture during mixing, storage or application can cause these materials to break down or fail to adhere as expected.

Cold weather and dry conditions can be equally as detrimental as heat and humidity when it comes to the quality and functionality of industrial coatings. At temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the necessary bonding between the coating and the application surface may be impeded, or the finish may be discolored due to rapid cooling of the product. Low humidity creates fewer problems with application and bonding, but dry air conditions may draw moisture from the product and make it difficult to spread evenly onto the surface.

For best results with any industrial paint or coating, the product should only be applied when the substrate surface is clean, completely dry and within the optimum temperature range. If the surface is too hot from to direct exposure to the sun, too cool due to an unforeseen cold snap or too damp due to humidity or rainfall, the coating product is unlikely to form the necessary bond with the surface. Products that are transported or stored in hot, humid conditions or that are left exposed to the open air for extended periods of time before use are also highly prone to failure.

The Impact of Weather on Protection and Aesthetics

The main purposes of applying an industrial-grade paint or coating are to impart protection to the surface and improve an object’s overall aesthetics. If a product has been incorrectly applied or if it’s not suitable for the location in which it’s used, it won’t provide the expected level of protection to the underlying surface. It’s critical to choose the right product for the job and to ensure that best management practices are consistently observed so that the coating can carry out its intended function.

Constant exposure to sunlight and humidity can cause even high-quality paints and coating products to fade or change colors over time. A slight loss of color doesn’t always indicate diminished protective qualities, but it can be a serious drawback when one of the intended purposes of the coating is to convey a specific brand image or marketing message. Selecting a product that’s been proven to stand up well even under adverse conditions can help to improve long-term satisfaction with the item’s finished appearance.

The normal lifespan of a correctly applied industrial coating generally ranges between 20 and 40 years depending on the exposure level of the coated surface, the average humidity and other factors. Minor maintenance may be required in as little as five years with major touch-ups necessary every 10 to 15 years.

The Expected Effects of the Local Climate on Protective Coatings

Raleigh and the surrounding region generally experience hot, humid summers and reasonably mild winters. The average daily high temperature during the summer months is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit while temperatures in the winter seldom fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity levels vary greatly depending on the season, and rainfall can be expected to occur on about 40 percent of days throughout the year.

The highly variable climate of the Raleigh area makes it critically important to keep tabs on the weather if industrial coating application or maintenance activities are planned. In addition, products that are stored locally should be maintained in temperature-controlled settings until immediately prior to application. Selecting only coating products that are designed to provide superior protection from solar radiation and that stand up well to rain and humidity is also crucial. For all these reasons, a seasoned professional with experience in this line of work should be consulted prior to any industrial coating or finishing project at your commercial property.

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