Wall Paint Vs. Wallpaper: Which Is a Better Option for Your Raleigh Commercial Property?

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Wall Paint vs Wallpaper

Are you ready to give your commercial property in Raleigh NC a different look? If you are having a difficult time deciding whether to put up wallpaper or paint it, a professional painting contractor can help you decide. At Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper, we are happy to help you explore your options and find what suits your needs, taste and budget. This blog will help guide you in the right direction and show you the most important points to consider as you make a decision.


The cost is the most important factor to nearly every commercial property owner. As a rule, wallpaper is more expensive than paint. However, this rule applies to professional wallpaper and professional paint. There are plenty of cheap wallpaper products on the market that are not designed to last long, and they are a poor investment. Many people make the mistake of purchasing such products and installing them to save money. Cheap wallpaper is much thinner and may be a low-quality material. The result is usually an unsatisfactory appearance or premature tearing and peeling.

Longevity and Durability

Interior commercial paint may last about five or six years. It can last longer or not as long in some cases. Impact, moisture and other factors affect how long interior paint will last. High-quality wallpaper that a professional installs can last up to 15 years on average. However, the same factors that can affect the longevity of paint can also shorten the useful life of wallpaper.

Preparation Process and Downtime

The preparation process varies greatly from one building to the next. For example, a completely new building that needs its first coat of paint or wallpaper will take much less time to prepare than a building that has several layers of paint or wallpaper on the walls. If there is already wallpaper on the walls, the first step is removing the old covering. This can take longer than usual if someone installed it with a hard glue or another improper method.

If the walls are painted, the first step is removing the old paint. With any type of wall, the goal is to make the surface as smooth as possible. Many older commercial buildings have small cracks, holes from nails and screws or small impact dents. Professional painting contractors can use special filling material to smooth out these areas. They patch, scrape, caulk and sand as necessary to make sure the wall is properly prepared. Next, they move on to the steps for priming and painting or applying wallpaper.

How long the process of preparation takes varies depending on the size of the building as well. If your business operates seven days per week, this is an especially important consideration. Many businesses prefer to close for painting, and some have painters there while employees or customers are present. If you do not want customers or employees present during the painting process, downtime is a big concern. For every business, downtime means lost money. It helps to work with a professional painting company that is flexible and can do at least some of the work afterhours, on the weekend or during a planned closure.

A professional can give you accurate time estimates for wallpapering versus painting to help you decide which is right for you. In many cases, it takes less time to paint than it does to apply wallpaper. However, special requests or designs may affect how long painting takes. Our team will be happy to discuss your building’s features, your needs and time estimates.

Type of Commercial Structure

Whether paint or wallpaper is better largely depends on the nature of your business or the purpose of your commercial structure. For example, if your commercial building is a multi-family housing unit for seniors, you may find that a beautiful wallpaper choice attracts more potential tenants. Wallpaper can also be attractive in some waiting rooms or offices. In some types of businesses, it may not be as ideal as paint. For example, it can be more of a hazard in a factory. In a hospital, it may be useful only in some areas, such as administrative offices. However, most hospitals and medical facilities benefit from antimicrobial paints. If you are unsure about whether wallpaper or paint will work better in your type of business, we can discuss your needs with you to help you decide.


Aesthetics is the biggest choice when you can use either wallpaper or paint in your commercial structure’s interior. Paint gives you several options, such as matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss. Matte is a flat look without any shine, semi-gloss has a light shine and high-gloss is a shiny paint. Also, professional painters can paint stripes or some other basic patterns. However, if you want something that looks more detailed, has a three-dimensional effect or a special pattern, wallpaper may be better. Professionals have access to a wide variety of textures, color combinations and patterns of wallpaper.

Commercial Painting and Wallpapering Services in Raleigh NC

If you are ready to hire a commercial painting team to handle your wallpaper or paint needs, we are here to help. Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper is fully insured and licensed, giving you the peace of mind that you can expect full satisfaction with our work. Our team of friendly and professional tradesmen finish your project within your budget and on time, and they treat you, your staff and your business with the utmost respect. They are familiar with the characteristics and properties of paint, and they know how to use the right paints for various substrates.

The painters are also experienced with removing and applying wallcoverings. In quiet or challenging environments, they work efficiently and use the latest equipment and professional methods to get the job done quickly without cutting corners. Since we also know that your time is valuable, we are happy to work with you on scheduling to minimize disruptions. We will also be glad to consult with you on paint colors, wallpaper types and more. Please contact us for a free estimate on commercial wallpapering or painting in Raleigh.

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