What to Know About Painting Your Raleigh Commercial Siding

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What to Know About Painting Your Raleigh Commercial Siding

Has the exterior of your commercial building seen better days? Whether it is covered by vinyl or metal siding, you may be thinking about taking advantage of the exceptional properties of paint to restore curb appeal. However, siding is not a material that commercial painting contractors in Raleigh NC will work with. Why is siding so challenging, and what will it take to get your building the new paint job that it needs?

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Building

Paint has a few key properties that are crucial to the upkeep of your commercial building. Specifically, paint has exceptional protective properties. This means that a fresh coat of paint on your vinyl or metal siding could help you to optimize its life and keep unnecessary repair issues at bay. More than that, paint has aesthetic benefits. Regardless of the color of paint that you select, the paint will cover minor imperfections to create a smooth, flawless surface. At the same time, signs of wear will be eliminated, and the siding will take on a like-new appearance.

Your commercial building’s exterior is a reflection of your business. It impacts everything from branding and image to the customer experience and more. What kind of impression is your building leaving on your customers today?

The Challenge of Painting Commercial Siding

In Raleigh NC, metal siding is most commonly found on commercial buildings, but you may find vinyl siding on some commercial offices, boutique shops and other similar structures. It is important that you know what kind of siding is on your building. This is because the techniques and supplies that are recommended for metal siding are different than those recommended for aluminum siding. What will it take to paint your building’s siding?

The Right Tools and Supplies

Metal siding has a tendency to expand slightly with daytime solar heating and to contract slightly at night. With this in mind, the best coatings are those that are flexible. This will reduce the likelihood of cracking. At the same time, they should be resistant to solar fading, and they should retain their gloss over time. Often, two coats of quality paint are required. Lighter colors with natural pigments in the paint often yield the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, must be thoroughly pressure washed and primed before it should be painted. Latex paint is commonly used on vinyl siding. The paint should only be applied on warm, sunny days when there is minimal wind.

Does your building have wood siding or another material? Each material has unique application recommendations. Because different types of paints and processes will be used, your commercial painting contractor in Raleigh NC needs to have the right combination of tools and supplies available to do quality work.

Commercial Painting Experience

When commercial siding is not painted properly, the wonderful benefits of paint will not be fully realized. You may be unhappy with the results immediately after the work is done, and you may not enjoy the longevity from the results that you otherwise would. When you search for a commercial exterior painting and interior painting team to work on your project, ensure that the painters understand the right processes and techniques required to paint your specific type of siding. For the best results, ensure that they have experience with similar projects.

The Raleigh Commercial Painting Contractor You Can Count On

You can see that hiring the right commercial painting contractor for your project is crucial. Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper is the Raleigh painting company that has been serving the area for more than 15 years. Regardless of the type of siding that is on your commercial building, you can feel confident that your project is in the right hands when you put our professionals to work.

Experienced with All Commercial Paintings and Coatings

While the typical commercial painter in the local area will have plenty of experience painting drywall, wood trim and other common materials, finding a contractor with experience painting a specific type of siding material may be more challenging. Our painters are true experts, so we can produce beautiful results on any substrates. Regardless of how demanding the work environment is, you are assured that our painters will do excellent work that lives up to your satisfaction.

A Dedicated, Experienced Team of Painters

You understandably want to be impressed by the results of your painting project from the first day, and you want to continue appreciating the results for many years. Our commercial painters are dedicated professionals who know how to do great work. More than that, they are passionate about consistently focusing on craftsmanship. From preparing the work area and the surfaces to paying attention to the fine details throughout the project, our painters cover all of the bases to ensure that the results live up to your expectations.

Request a Consultation Today Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper specializes in both commercial exterior painting and interior painting projects in the Raleigh NC area. Our painters know how to improve the curb appeal and the condition of your commercial building, and we are focused on delivering lovely results that our customers are proud of. To schedule a color consultation and a free estimate for your next painting project, contact us today.

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