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When you think about factory or industrial floors, you probably imagine concrete. It is one of the most sensible and valuable flooring options for industrial needs. Our industrial painting contractors have helped many clients in the area protect their concrete floors by installing high-quality coatings for them. If you are considering this step for your industrial building, our commercial painting team is here to help answer your questions.

What Are the Top Benefits of Concrete Floors?

The first benefit is the longevity of concrete. Because of its composition and hardness, it can last multiple decades and withstand a considerable amount of force. Although it can crack, the cracks can be filled with more concrete. When it comes to performance, concrete is also advantageous. Since warehouses, factories and other industrial businesses often use heavy equipment and vehicles, concrete is an ideal floor choice. Additionally, concrete is a cost-effective option. When you combine its longevity with its installation and maintenance costs, you can see why so many industrial building owners choose it for flooring. Another great benefit of concrete is that you have plenty of floor coating choices to protect it.

Concrete Floor Coating Options

If you want to maximize the longevity of your concrete floor, it helps to have a protective coating over it. A coating can provide several advantages. For example, a good coating can make it easier to clean up spills and prevent stains. One of the disadvantages of exposed or uncoated concrete is that it can be harder to clean away stubborn stains because of how porous it is. Some people prefer coatings instead of wax. There are several types of coatings you can choose, and each one has its own benefits.

The right type of concrete coating depends on your needs. Someone from our commercial painting team can help you determine which option or options work best for your specific industry or operational needs. These are some popular choices.

Concrete Paint

This is the simplest coating option for concrete. Featuring a satin finish, the paint leaves your floor looking smooth and attractive. Paint is a good choice if you have a large, multi-department floor that needs distinction between various areas with different colors. Paint helps protect against stains as long as it is properly maintained.

Anti-Skid Coating

There are special anti-skid chemicals that technicians can add to other types of coatings. This form of coating protects people in the workplace and may help prevent falls. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your safety strategy, this is a good addition. Anti-skid coating helps protect people from slipping or sliding when there is oil, liquid, mud or another slick substance on the floor.

Epoxy Coating

This is one of the most common coating choices. It tends to last longer than some paints and other coatings. Epoxy can be patched or repaired if it does chip or crack. However, it is durable. Also, epoxy can be tinted or colored. There are also decorative designs if you want a floor that is aesthetically pleasing.

Antimicrobial Coating

If your workplace is routinely exposed to harmful bacteria, this is an excellent choice. It does not necessarily kill all the microbes that land on it. However, it does have the ability to help prevent them from multiplying. This is a popular choice in food processing buildings, labs and some other settings.


A polish shares some similarities with epoxy in terms of appearance. It does not last as long and must be reapplied periodically. Since a treated floor can be slippery, it is not an ideal choice if you need a surface with anti-skid protection. Polish is affordable and helps protect the concrete.

Do You Already Have a Concrete Floor?

Unless your building is in the process of being constructed, it is likely that you already have a concrete floor. If there is some other form of flooring installed, there is probably concrete underneath it. You can have the concrete rejuvenated, patched and coated if you want to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

If you want to know what it takes to have a concrete floor coating installed, our team can help. They will review important details with you, such as the current condition of your floor, whether it needs to be resurfaced and other factors. They can help you learn about ideal coatings for your needs. For example, if acid may be spilled on the floor, some coatings are better at resisting chemical spills.

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If you are ready to have a floor coating installed, our commercial painting team will be happy to help. Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper has been in business for more than 15 years. Our professional tradesmen are familiar with modern techniques and use the latest equipment to install commercial floor coatings. They know how to minimize interruptions and can work efficiently in even the most difficult environments. Being skilled and efficient, they finish commercial floor coating projects on time and on budget without cutting any corners. We take pride in leaving you with a floor that looks great and meets your needs. Our team is fully licensed and insured to give you the confidence you need in choosing a reputable industrial painting contractor. Please contact Unlimited Paint & Wallpaper to learn more or receive a free estimate for concrete floor coating in Raleigh NC.

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